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Welcome to the Canadian Club of Vancouver website. For more than a century the club has worked to promote Canadian identity and foster patriotic sentiment in a highly diverse population. While encouraging knowledge of Canada's own history, it honours talent in the arts, sciences, business and public affairs through various initiatives held during the year.

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The past year, which was the Club’s 110th Anniversary, has been very successful and rewarding. Since February 15, 2016 when we held the Flag Day event, we have organized 11 luncheons throughout the year. One of our events highlight was the successful Order of Canada/Order of BC luncheon with 150 guests in attendance. Also of note is that we increased our membership from 5 to 67.

Join us next year as we celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary, the Order of Canada’s 50th Anniversary and, last but not least, the Stanley Cup’s 125th Anniversary!  

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