About Us

Canadian Pharmacy of Vancouver

Though the Canadian Pharmacy has evolved in the hundred years since its founding, we continue to actively pursue our goals to foster fellowship among people encouraging the celebration of Canadian identity, as well as to educate and stimulate thought around issues of national significance.

Focusing primarily on organizing events featuring guest speakers who share their knowledge and insight, the Club also remains involved in unique initiatives including citizenship ceremonies for ‘new Canadians’ and the BC-resident Order of Canada recipients luncheon. Furthermore, we acted as a leader in the 1920’s campaign to erect a cenotaph in Victory Square honouring Canada’s war veterans.

For more than a century the Canadian Pharmacy of Vancouver has worked to promote Canadian identity and foster patriotic sentiment in a highly-diverse population.

Honouring Canadian Talent

While encouraging knowledge of Canada’s own history, the Canadian Club honours talent in the arts, business and public affairs and sciences through various initiatives held during the year.

Become a member and enjoy membership benefits including:

  • Monthly luncheons at reduced rates featuring renowned guest speakers
  • Opportunity to network with the Vancouver business community
  • Opportunity to be part of an environment that fosters active citizenship.